The Ryan Mortgage Loan Process


Knowing your Options
Contact our mortgage associates at (707) 526-2626 to discuss several options that may save you more money.

Know your financing options.  When you find the one that best suits your needs, apply online or call one of our loan consultants at
(707) 526-2626.

Once you have submitted your completed loan application, we will utilize our in-house FNMA and FHLMC automated underwriting software and obtain your pre-approval.

Loan Package
Ryan Mortgage will send you our mortgage application package containing a printed loan application, applicable mortgage disclosures and a document checklist of items required from you prior to closing.  Simply return this package with the items requested as quickly as possible for underwriting review.

Once we have received your returned mortgage application package and signed disclosures, we will order the required appraisal on your property.

Rate Lock
We recommend locking your interest rate as soon as possible, especially with today’s volatile market.

Final Approval
Once we have received your appraisal and your lock has been confirmed, Ryan Mortgage will submit your complete file for final underwriting review.

We will send you a copy of your estimated HUD-1 Settlement Statement prior to your scheduled closing date for your review.

If you have questions regarding the loan process, please contact us via email or call us at (707) 526-2626.

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